What is Asia Optimized Server?

2016-09-12 Technical Tips

Nowadays more and more providers begin to use “Asia Optimized” concept when they are doing advertising, but actually some providers aren’t real Asia Optimized, so what exactly is “Asia Optimization”?

When it comes to “Asia Optimized”, it is always associated with China Mainland and Taiwan Province of China, users located in these areas suffer from a hard time reaching out to USA due to saturation of peering ports operated by Chinese residential ISP's, therefore it’s very common to experience high latency and packet loss which severely diminishes their Internet experience on websites hosted in the USA.

“Asia Optimized” servers are mostly provided by providers located in west coast cities of US such as Los Angeles, Seattle etc. However it does not mean servers from a west coast located provider will be “Asia Optimized”.

As the poor service is actually isolated on these users' ISP's it is very difficult for them to overcome. Some providers developed a specialized segment of network specifically aimed at optimizing routing paths to provide Chinese and Taiwanese users with as good an experience as possible into the USA. Through specifically designated blocks of IP Addresses, a special selection of transit backbones, hand picked peering relationships, and a whole lot of continuous networking labor we have been able to provide the majority of Chinese and Taiwanese users with latencies around 200ms or lower and speeds fast enough to max out their residential broadband connections.

Now at Stack Network Ltd, we are constantly working to improve our possible route choices to make live changes in our Los Angeles Servers product line, if your customers or visitors are from China or Taiwan Province, or you are interested in expanding your business there, feel free to talk to our sales agent, we will make deals to make you happy!