How Long Does It Take To Deliver Dedicated Server?

2016-12-05 FAQ

We got quite a lot inquiries asking how soon can the new ordered dedicated server be delivered, In most of the case, delivering a dedicated server during business hours would go through the following steps:

  1. Review order. Our billing department will review the order and decide whether to approve the order on the basis of customer information accurancy and risk scores. Once order is approved, order will be forwarded to NOC department;
  2. Picking up the server hardware. Our NOC engineer will find matched spec of server hardware and add notes, then assign the order to Network Administrator to for IP/VLAN assignment;
  3. Network Setup. Our Network Administrator will create VLAN and assign IP address, and put the order back to NOC department after confirmation;
  4. OS installation. Our NOC engineer will install OS as per order request and bind IP address, then deliver the service to customer via email.

In step #2, if we manage to find out matched spec, step #1 to #3 would be completed within ~30 minutes; If we cannot find matched spec, we might need to do some hardware replacement, or maybe we have run out of stock for the certain spec, we would check with the customer and see if we need to order from our hardware vendor or cancel the order & fully refund.

(* In the last 6 months, we upgraded the hardware for free when the spec customer ordered was out of stock.)

As to step #4, it really depends on the requirements for example, Linux or Windows, partition requirement, 3rd software installation etc. For your reference, a minimal Linux OS installation would take ~15 minutes and a minimal Windows OS would take ~45 minutes.

After OS installation is completed, our NOC engineer will test the connection and verify, if everything is working perfect, the order will be delivered.

Keep in mind that orders deployment during holidays would be delayed, we thank you for the understanding!