DevOps Workflow

  • Plan & Strategy

    We start by assessing your current IT capabilities, producing a business case, application lifecycle maturity audit and a DevOps roadmap to meet your business goals.

  • Framework Design & Construction

    We design and create a framework to implement the DevOps setup. This is followed by leveraging and integrating your existing tools with our strong ecosystem of open source and licensed tools.

  • Implementation

    The specific needs and requirements identified for each project, we proceed with the analysis, design, construction, automation and implementation.

  • Metrics

    With an eye toward agility, we create active metrics associated with data response times, CPU usage, load-balance alarms, exceptions, and more.

  • Monitoring

    We’ll set you up with the right monitoring tools, whether you need ongoing cloud platform management, or nuanced performance analysis.

  • DevOps Support

    We’ll provide ongoing proactive and reactive DevOps management & support to your infrastructure.

How DevOps Helps Your Business

  • Improve Quality of Product

    Developing and testing more frequently produces a much-improved quality product.

  • Release Frequency

    Having more frequent software releases gives the business what they need to be successful.

  • Better Collaboration

    Product owners, developers, and testers are working closer together and producing much better results than ever before.

  • Faster Business Response

    Times are changing rapidly and that requires businesses to adjust quickly to their competitors.

  • Better Communication

    Intelligent, advanced, rapid, and customer-centric development activities provide an additional layer of transparency that adds value to any organization.

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