How to install Open Real Estate in DirectAdmin using Softaculous

What is Open Real Estate?

Open Real Estate - a free script for building a website containing information about buying, renting, selling or changing of realty (apartments, houses, land property etc). This product can be used for creating a web platform for your business as well as for developing your own business from the ground up.

Installing Open real estate through Softaculous

The quickest and simplest way to install Open Real Estate is with the Softaculous App Installer available in Directadmin. Softaculous provides an easy, one-click installation that is the best choice for most website owners.

TheStack provides solid web hosting service using DirectAdmin. After a successful purchase you will get login credentials from welcome email.

In this article, we will take the web hosting service in TheStack for example.

  • Login into your DirectAdmin control panel.

  • Navigate to the Softaculous Auto Installer which will be mostly under the Extra feature of the Directadmin control panel.

  • Now login into Softaculous and navigate to the Open Real Estate.

Note Open Real Estate is supported by PHP so we can view it under the PHP supported Portals/CMS web application.

  • After clicking Install you will be prompted to a window where you have to configure the administrative part

Note Take a record of your admin username and admin password for enter the admin dashboard

  • With successfull installation you will see the following success message

  • You can login into your administrative dashboard through generated URL in the Success message

To know more about Open Real Estate and learn how it works, visit their official website.

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