How to backup and restore websites in DirectAdmin

TheStack provides premium web hosting services with DirectAdmin control panel. In this article, we will discuss how to make a backup of your websites, and restore it using DirectAdmin, it’s very easy within a few clicks.

Create a backup

Select ‘Create/Restore Backups’ from the Advanced Features of your DirectAdmin control panel, you should be able to find it as soon as you log in.

From the page, select the categories and items that you need to create backup

  • Website data The website files for all domains and subdomains.
  • E-mail The emails of the domains, messages from the inbox, IMAP folders and you can create the backup of mailing lists, archives as well.
  • FTP The FTP accounts and FTP settings.
  • Databases The database files, users and user settings in the account.

After Selecting you need to Click on the CREATE BACKUP, A message will be prompted on successfully creating the backup.

Note: A compressed backup file will be created in your backup directory, which is in the root directory

Restore a backup

Select ‘Create/Restore Backups’ from the Advanced Features of your DirectAdmin control panel.

From there we need click on the RESTORE BACKUP

Select the backup you want to restore.

Note: You can also select and deselect the data from the backup

Then click on RESTORE it will start restoring the backup.

Note: Restoration of the backup will work in background

If no error prompts, you are all set!


Making a backup of your account and restore it in DirectAdmin is very easy, you don’t need to be very technical because DirectAdmin provides a very user-friendly UI, you can easily find what you want to do. TheStack also performs offsite backups to prevent disaster, if you are looking for affordable and reliable web hosting services, feel free to give us a try, we are confident to make you satisfied.

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